Control Panel: List of Features

We’ve recently released our FST Control Panel. You can view the press release here:

I wanted to round up a list of features to better explain why the FST Control Panel makes FST Servers one of the best affordable VPS hosting providers.


  • VPS creation in minutes
  • Automated OS installation
  • Root access
  • Operating System re-installation within minutes
  • Control your VPS: Turn on, restart, and stop your machine
  • Directly access your VPS through our “Console” option
  • Upgrade your VPS plan at anytime
  • Scalable VPS options
    • Instantly create multiple VPSs
  • Easily manage multiple VPSs
    • Name your VPSs to organize them
    • Provide descriptions for your VPSs
  • Easy account creation and management
  • Easily request support
  • Request additional IP address
  • Set rDNS for your VPS’s IP address
  • Determine the status of your VPS


More features and improvements are on their way. We plan on constantly improving our FST Control Panel to provide resources better than those of any other VPS provider.

Signup here:


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