VM1 & VM2 Plans Sold Out

Due to an overwhelming response to our VM1 and VM2 plans, we are unable to offer them at this moment. We apologize for any inconvenience. We here at FST Servers value a quality service and that’s why we’re suspending our orders on VM1 and VM2. We’re upgrading as fast as we can to upgrade to offer those plans again with the same prices.

You may not know this but many VPS providers over sell and put VPSs on crowded servers, which results in a slow VM. FST Servers vows to never do that to ensure that every customer has a great performing VM.

Again we apologize. Thanks for bearing with us.


Mark says:


Please inform me when you have the VM1 again.

Questions :

– Do you accept Paypal ?

– Can you offer a VM1 for $50 a year ?

– Can you provide non-tunneled real IPv6 IP’s ?

Thanks in advance,

jsteinka says:

Mark, thanks for the comment. We’ll let you know as soon as our VM1 plan is available again. We’re working fast to bring it back quickly.

Yes, we accept PayPal. As of right now, we only accept PayPal subscriptions.

Our VM1 plan is so competitively priced that we can’t offer a discount even for yearly payment. VM1 can be paid by yearly payment – $60 a year.

As of right now we do not offer any IPv6 support. We are looking into this to better support our customers’ needs.

Rami says:

Well, I’m lucky then to catch a VPS !

We all need IPv6 support soon! hope you have plans for that!


Sam says:

Native IPv6 support would be great

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