New Control Panel & VM0 Plan — Press Release

CHICAGO — FST Servers announces the launch of its own virtual machine (VM) control panel with automated VM provisioning. The FST Control Panel is available to current and new customers beginning Tuesday, June 7.

In addition to the automated VM provisioning feature, which allows users to instantly create a new VM, the system provides account management and ticketed support for users. FST Control Panel gives users control over all their VM needs, including requesting additional IP addresses, easy creation and management of multiple VMs and setting reverse DNS.

“Our goal with the FST Control Panel was to make it easier for our customers to manage their VMs and create more as needed,” said Joe Steinkamp, partner at FST Servers. “New VMs can be created at the click of a button.”

The newly launched FST Control Panel also brings with it a new VM plan, VM-0. For $4/month, customers will get 128MB RAM, 7 GB of hard disk, 500GB of bandwidth and all resources dedicated hosted on XenServer.

For more information on the FST Control Panel or to purchase a VM plan from FST Servers, visit or contact Joe Steinkamp at

FST Servers strives to provide technical users innovative, yet affordable, virtualization solutions for personal or business uses. FST is headquartered in Chicago, IL. It was founded by DePaul University graduates who were looking for excellent virtual server hosting at a cheap price, so they made it themselves.

Control Panel Walkthrough: Click here.


[…] We’ve recently released our FST Control Panel. You can view the press release here: […]

This is very interesting, since few companies have rolled their own control panels out there and I feel SolusVM is very unprofessional and unrefined.

I’d be glad to give your service and control panel a review if you want to contact me by e-mail.

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