Huge Sale for VM-2 Plan – Limited Quantity!

Update 8:30AM CST 7/4/12: All spots have been filled. Sorry folks. Please check out our other competitive plans.

Update 12:47AM CST 7/4/12: Only a few more spots open. Get them while you can.

We at FST Servers are proud of our service. We’re so proud that we’re offering an incredible deal. We’re giving our VM-2 plan (512MB of RAM, 20GB of hard disk space, and 500GB monthly bandwidth allowance) for a super low price of $4 a month! That’s $4 for the lifetime of the VPS. No expirations or potential price raises.

We’re a small company but we think we provide a quality service that people will want to use. We’re proud of our loyal customers. We’re excited for the future and all the great features that we’re going to add into the FST Control Panel.

Discount code: FST4LIFE

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Wargate says:


I am considering buying a few of these. Do you have any sort of DDOS protection? If not how do you deal with attacks?

Joe says:

We do not provide any DDOS protection on our end but our upstream provider does. They will re-route attacks for us.

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