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Maintenance – 6th December 2014

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We will be performing maintenance during the morning on 6th December 2014. The maintenance will require complete shutdown of affected customer VMs. Affected customers received a notice via e-mail on Wednesday, 3rd December 2014. Details are listed below.

DATE: Saturday, 6th December 2014
START TIME: 8:30AM Central Standard Time (UTC -6:00)
ESTIMATED END TIME: 11:30AM Central Standard Time (UTC -6:00)
SERVICES/EQUIPMENT: XenServer hosts, FST Control Panel
TYPE OF WORK: Datacenter migration
PURPOSE OF WORK: Datacenter provider physically migrating equipment to new, higher-quality facility

IMPACT OF WORK: Complete shutdown of customer VMs. If you are receiving this message, all of your VMs with FST Servers will be gracefully shut down at 8:30AM CST and will remain powered off and inaccessible throughout the maintenance period. The FST Control Panel (https://my.fstservers.com) will also be unavailable during the maintenance period. VMs will be powered on and Control Panel service will be restored as soon as the move is complete.

Our normal support services will be available during this maintenance window. As always, customers may contact support at support@fstservers.com.

New VPS Host Hardware

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You may have received a notification recently regarding brief VPS downtimes to accommodate host upgrades – we’ve received some new hardware and we are in the process of migrating customers from older servers. The new hardware features the latest Xeon quad-core processors and larger 8- or 12-drive RAID 10 arrays for increased I/O performance. We hope that you’ll enjoy the same outstanding FST reliability at even faster speeds!

CentOS 5.10 Now Available

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As CentOS 5.9 has been deprecated, we have removed it from our OS options. CentOS 5.10 is now available in both x86 and x86_64 versions through the FST Control Panel. We are presently testing CentOS 6.5 and we expect to make it available soon.

Huge Sale for VM-2 Plan – Limited Quantity!

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Update 8:30AM CST 7/4/12: All spots have been filled. Sorry folks. Please check out our other competitive plans.

Update 12:47AM CST 7/4/12: Only a few more spots open. Get them while you can.

We at FST Servers are proud of our service. We’re so proud that we’re offering an incredible deal. We’re giving our VM-2 plan (512MB of RAM, 20GB of hard disk space, and 500GB monthly bandwidth allowance) for a super low price of $4 a month! That’s $4 for the lifetime of the VPS. No expirations or potential price raises.

We’re a small company but we think we provide a quality service that people will want to use. We’re proud of our loyal customers. We’re excited for the future and all the great features that we’re going to add into the FST Control Panel.

Discount code: FST4LIFE

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Now Offering CentOS 6.2, Plus CentOS on VM-0 Plan Too

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We now offer CentOS 6.2 as an OS option for our VPS service. More importantly, we now allow CentOS to be installed on all of our plans, including the previously excluded VM-0 plan.

VM-0 was excluded due to memory constraints with the installation but those have been fixed. We think it’s important that we remove as many limitations as possible. We hope you enjoy the added options when you choose our VPS service.

Control Panel: List of Features

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We’ve recently released our FST Control Panel. You can view the press release here: http://fstservers.com/news/new-control-panel-vm0-plan-press-release/.

I wanted to round up a list of features to better explain why the FST Control Panel makes FST Servers one of the best affordable VPS hosting providers.


  • VPS creation in minutes
  • Automated OS installation
  • Root access
  • Operating System re-installation within minutes
  • Control your VPS: Turn on, restart, and stop your machine
  • Directly access your VPS through our “Console” option
  • Upgrade your VPS plan at anytime
  • Scalable VPS options
    • Instantly create multiple VPSs
  • Easily manage multiple VPSs
    • Name your VPSs to organize them
    • Provide descriptions for your VPSs
  • Easy account creation and management
  • Easily request support
  • Request additional IP address
  • Set rDNS for your VPS’s IP address
  • Determine the status of your VPS


More features and improvements are on their way. We plan on constantly improving our FST Control Panel to provide resources better than those of any other VPS provider.

Signup here: https://my.fstservers.com/Signup

New Control Panel & VM0 Plan — Press Release

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CHICAGO — FST Servers announces the launch of its own virtual machine (VM) control panel with automated VM provisioning. The FST Control Panel is available to current and new customers beginning Tuesday, June 7.

In addition to the automated VM provisioning feature, which allows users to instantly create a new VM, the system provides account management and ticketed support for users. FST Control Panel gives users control over all their VM needs, including requesting additional IP addresses, easy creation and management of multiple VMs and setting reverse DNS.

“Our goal with the FST Control Panel was to make it easier for our customers to manage their VMs and create more as needed,” said Joe Steinkamp, partner at FST Servers. “New VMs can be created at the click of a button.”

The newly launched FST Control Panel also brings with it a new VM plan, VM-0. For $4/month, customers will get 128MB RAM, 7 GB of hard disk, 500GB of bandwidth and all resources dedicated hosted on XenServer.

For more information on the FST Control Panel or to purchase a VM plan from FST Servers, visit fstservers.com or contact Joe Steinkamp at joe@fstservers.com.

FST Servers strives to provide technical users innovative, yet affordable, virtualization solutions for personal or business uses. FST is headquartered in Chicago, IL. It was founded by DePaul University graduates who were looking for excellent virtual server hosting at a cheap price, so they made it themselves.

Control Panel Walkthrough: Click here.

VM1 & VM2 Plans Available Again

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We’re finished with our upgrades and we’re ready to accept customers for our VM1 and VM2 plans. So check out our plans and order your next VPS.

VM1 & VM2 Plans Sold Out

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Due to an overwhelming response to our VM1 and VM2 plans, we are unable to offer them at this moment. We apologize for any inconvenience. We here at FST Servers value a quality service and that’s why we’re suspending our orders on VM1 and VM2. We’re upgrading as fast as we can to upgrade to offer those plans again with the same prices.

You may not know this but many VPS providers over sell and put VPSs on crowded servers, which results in a slow VM. FST Servers vows to never do that to ensure that every customer has a great performing VM.

Again we apologize. Thanks for bearing with us.

LowEndBox Post

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LowEndBox.com, a popular website showcasing excellent value VPS services, posted on their site about us. LowEndBox only posts VPS plans that are $7 and less. They posted our $5 VM1 plan, which includes 256MB of RAM, 15GB of HDD storage, and 500GB monthly bandwidth.

Check out the post here: http://www.lowendbox.com/blog/fst-servers-5-256mb-xen-vps/

Don’t forget that we have excellent “high end” VM hosting options that are competitively priced.

Thanks LowEndBox!