FST Servers LLP primarily provides virtual private server (VPS) hosting. We’re able to offer the best prices around by keeping our operational costs low. We’re a budget VPS hosting service without the budget service and support. We only use high-end servers to provide the best experience for our customers. Each VPS is guaranteed the resources that you pay for; we do not share resources or do “burstable” plans. We strictly limit the number of VPSs on our servers to guarantee our customers the best possible experience.

Virtual Server Hosting

Things to know about FST’s virtual server hosting:

Virtual Hardware

  • All FST virtual private servers are hosted on Citrix XenServer.
  • FST customers have full control over their virtual private servers (including reboot/shutdown and console access) through a web interface.
  • The hardware resources that FST customers purchase (RAM and disk) are dedicated to your virtual private server at all times; they are not “burstable” or shared.

Physical Hardware

  • All of FST’s servers are modern servers with dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors or dual eight-core AMD Opteron processors.
  • All FST servers are located in Tier II datacenters.

Networking and Bandwidth

  • Our plans feature different levels (typically 500GB or 1000GB) of data transfer per month.
  • This includes inbound and outbound transfer.
  • Customers exceeding their bandwidth will be billed at the end of their billing cycle for any bandwidth consumed beyond their allocation. The rate for additional bandwidth is $1.00/GB.

Hosting Plans

  • If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs in our signup application, please contact us. We would be happy to design a custom plan for you.
  • Each VPS hosting plan includes one IPv4 address. Additional IP addresses are $1/month/each.


  • FST’s recurring payments are done through the PayPal processing system.
  • There are no contracts for FST services; all plans are on a month-to month basis.
  • If you are interested in an extended commitment, we can offer a discount – please contact us before using our signup application.
  • Cancellations will not be pro-rated; you will be charged (and your service will remain active) through the end of the billing cycle.


How are our VPS plans so cheap?

We’re bargain shoppers. We spend a lot of time trying to find the best hardware and upstream services for the best price.

Why did we create our own custom control panel?

We thought long and hard about the control panel we were going to use. In the end, we realized we didn’t want to use a bloated 3rd party control panel that tries to work for every VPS hosting provider out there. We wanted our service to be unique and exactly the way we intend it. We could only do this with a custom control panel. In addition, designing our own control panel allows us to add even more great features in the future.

What is Semi Managed Support?

We do not manage and maintain our customers’ VPSs. Instead, we allow you to completely control your VPSs. Because you completely control your VPSs, we do not offer management of the services on your VPSs. We do provide e-mail ticket support to provide assistance with common issues, and we promise to put forth our best effort to help our customers.


Our quick technical support will do whatever it takes to make you satisified. Our support is provided by the same technicians that operate our infrastructure, ensuring a quick and accurate response to any of your technical problems.


FST Servers was established in mid-2009. Starting as a small hosting company for a limited number of customers, it quickly became apparent that there was a sizable market for low-cost, high-quality VPS hosting. We soon upgraded our infrastructure in preparation to expand our VPS hosting capabilities; we now offer VPS hosting to the general public at reasonable prices.