FST Control Panel: Walkthrough


The FST Control Panel requires an account with FST Servers. If you haven’t created an account yet, head over to https://my.fstservers.com/Signup to do so after reading our How to Sign Up page.


The Dashboard is the heart of the FST Control Panel. It displays the user’s virtual machines, IP addresses, and account information.

The Dashboard presents controls for each virtual machine. You have the ability to power your VPS on or off through the Start, Stop, and Reset buttons. The Console button launches a Java-based console that gives you direct access to the VPS console in case you lose access via SSH or other means. You can also edit the description of a VM.

Your assigned IP addresses are listed along with each one’s associated VPS. Reverse DNS (PTR records) can also be set from the dashboard; simply double-click the dotted textbox to modify the reverse DNS information shown.

Your account information is also displayed and can be modified from the dashboard.

Finally, a straightforward form allows you to contact the FST Servers support team. Simply select the reason for your communication and enter a description of your issue in the text field; an FST Servers representative will get in touch with you at your registered e-mail address.

Virtual Machine Page

The Virtual Machine Page displays detailed information on a specific VPS. It displays metadata regarding the VPS and allows you to re-install the OS on your VPS or upgrade its service plan if you so choose. Please see the How to Manage Your Virtual Machines and How to Re-Install an OS on Your Virtual Machine pages for more information on these functions.

Create Virtual Machine Page

The Create Virtual Machine Page allows you to create a VPS. From this page, you can set the parameters of the virtual machine and provide payment information. As we do not store your credit card information in the interest of security, you will be required to re-enter credit card information each time you add a VPS. Please see the How to Create a Virtual Machine page for full details.

Upgrade Virtual Machine

You can use the Control Panel to upgrade your virtual machines to our higher-tier plans, providing increased virtual hardware specifications. Your credit card information is required to authorize the new charge amount after the upgrade has been completed.