FST Control Panel: How to Manage Your Virtual Machines

Step One: Select the VPS You Want to Customize

From the dashboard, select the VPS you need to manage by clicking on its name from the list under “Virtual Machines.”

Step Two: Customize Your VPS

From this page, all available VPS management options are at your fingertips. VPS management is divided into three distinct sections.

Section One: Virtual Server Configuration

If you decide that your VPS needs some virtual hardware upgrades or an increase in monthly network bandwidth, you can click the “Upgrade VM” button, which will direct you to a page of available upgrades and plan costs. Simply decide which plan best suits your needs, provide your billing information to authorize the cost increase, and click “Upgrade VM.” Be sure to read our “Additional Notes,” “OS Requirements,” and “Kernel Warning” sections before committing to an upgrade.

Section Two: Power Options

From this area, you have the ability to perform the “Start,” “Reset,” “Stop,” and “Console” features that display on the dashboard home page. Several advanced boot options are also available for occasions where the normal boot options won’t suffice. One choice is the “Recovery CD” mode, which will boot the GRML (https://grml.org) recovery environment rather than the disk attached to your VPS when starting up. This will allow you to make offline changes to the operating system installed on your VPS. Other options include single-user mode, which lets you perform low-level tasks such as resetting your root password (see also How To Recover Your Root Password), and a custom field that lets you pass parameters directly to the bootloader for your VPS.

Section Three: Reinstall OS

Should you decide that your current OS no longer meets your needs, or if your VPS is past the point of recovery and you want to start fresh, FST Servers allows you to re-provision your VPS on demand at any time. Simply select your OS choice from the dropdown menu, enter your desired root password and hostname, and click “Re-install OS.” FST Servers will automatically delete your old VPS, provision a new one according to your specifications, and you’ll be all set to go!